Close More Deals with CALHFA

Learn how you can close more deals with CALHFA financing through RESCOM Financial Services

Let Us Help You Close More Deals with CALHFA Loans

We help Real Estate Professionals in Orange County, California close more deals using CALHFA financing. Borrowers can obtain a loan with zerodown payment & finance closing costs to a purchase price of up to $705,000!

If you have any potential buyers you’ve spoken to who need some help with a down payment or covering closing costs, let our team circle back with them and see if we can find a solution.

Call us today to discuss financing for one of your clients: (949) 240-3880

CALHFA Overview

  • Available for primary residences
  • Borrower must complete home buyer education counseling
  • Must meet CALHFA income limits
  • Sales price cannot exceed CALHFA limits

Other terms and conditions apply. Please contact RESCOM Financial Services for more information.

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